1. Get a Response within 24 Hours from Professional OBEXA
2. We aim to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction with the Guarantee.
3. Welcome to send us your samples or designs, we can do as per customer’s requirements.
4. We are very good at doing OEM Beauty Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments.
5. We have strictly quality control management in our factory.
6. We check the quality before packing.
7. Quality Products, good price on-time delivery.

Obexa Surgical is a team of highly professional and skilled engineers who have the ability to customize any instruments in any shape or design. We have an in-house CAD design team who are experts in instrument drawing making and our die-making team leads the drawing into a top standard forging, after forging our expert engineers take care of the rest process till the end of the finished product.
You may send us the picture of any product you need we will manufacture same for you. We also offer private Logos and printing for our valuable customers.


Obexa Surgical offers to enjoy our wide instruments manufacturing experience with your brand name on the products and packing. We do offer a private logo on the product and also privately printed packing for the products. Normally we pack the instruments in poly bags or pouch.
Most of our beauty & Dental division clients demand printed packing with their own brand, and we do provide high-quality printing packing for the products. We offer the following braining services and materials to our valued clients.
* Screen Printed Logo on the products
* Laser printed logo
* Laser engraved logo
* Stencil etching logo
* Sticker pasted logo
* Product details inserts
* Products tags
* Any custom requirements.

We are experts in making custom packing for the products as per the requirements of the client. Normally we do use the following packing concepts.
* Poly Bag
* Plastic Pouch
* Plastic Tube Containers
* Blister Packing (Without printed card)
* Blister Packing (With a Printed card on the back)
* Wooden box
* Card Box
* Any custom requirements.

Quality is the root of Obexa Surgical, with the existence of QAD (Quality Assurance Department) Obexa Surgical is more confident in the quality of our instruments. Each instrument passes from the QAD to assure the quality measures. Quality makes Obexa Surgical a more reliable source of Instruments for our valued customers worldwide. And this is why our customers are quite happy about our quality and services

Obexa Surgical is a most conscious company about the quality of our instruments and assures the quality of instruments with our in-house QAD before dispatching them to the customers.

Obexa Surgical always welcome the suggestion from our valued customers. To enrich the quality, our R&D Department keeps in touch with our valued customers to get valuable suggestion from our valued customers.

Obexa Surgical is continuously improving the quality and other operations, due to the existence of our in-house strong R&D
Department. Our R&D Department is a key to the success of Obexa Surgical.

Obexa Surgical is ISO 9001-2008 Certified company. And also we are certified with CE We are proud to be the trusted member of Alibaba.com as a Gold supplier and Surgical Instruments Manufacturing Association of Pakistan.

The shipping department of Obexa Surgical is highly experienced in international shipment management. We deliver the shipment all around the globe within the least time. All the shipments are shipped followed by the shipping instruction by our valued customers. We provide shipping services By Sea, By Air, and Via DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx.

Obexa Surgical is a team of highly professionals who have the ability to do the same as customers demand. You can send us the picture of any product you need we will manufacture for you. We also offer Custom Logo and printing for our valuable customers.

We are good in OEM, Where we manufacture products based on the product design and specifications provided by our clients. We do respect our client’s privacy on products they have R&D on, and keep their products under their ownership.

We also do offer ODM services where we create new product designs and specifications based on the product idea brief provided by the client. Obexa Surgical is equipped with its own R&D department which always leads us in our competitors. Our R&D department works hard to provide new designs and technologies in instrument manufacturing to provide a better user experience.


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